Cathy C. Bennett                                      Marriage Family Therapist

(925) 798-9443
MFT License 24810
In hypnotherapy, the hypnotic trance is uniquely & specifically focused on
the client's goals. The relationship between myself & my client helps guide the work so that together we harness both the conscious and unconscious mind to maximize resources, garner strength & stamina and clarify precisely the desired outcome.  I have trained extensively with Eric Greenleaf, PhD and am a member of The Milton H. Erickson Institute of the Bay Area. 
Cathy Bennett MFT is shown here with  "Maggie" her certified Therapy dog, talking  with Eric Greenleaf, PhD. Ms. Bennett describes how Maggie's participation in therapy groups with hospitalized, at-risk children breaks 
Healing From the Ground Up video
through their apprehensions and creates warmth and understanding. Maggie demonstrates her therapeutic skills.