Cathy C. Bennett                                      Marriage Family Therapist

(925) 798-9443
MFT License 24810
Addressing Areas of:
Wellness and Lifestyle
Psychological and lifestyle factors that influence health such as smoking, problematic eating, drinking, drug use or lack of physical activity. Build upon practical skills and strategies for coping with medical issues such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease or adjusting to physical injury, or the changes associated with aging.
Affect and Quality of Life
With therapeutic intervention, increase the ability 
to regulate and stabilize mood and anxiety disorders, strengthen and support successful conflict resolution, and positive communication skills to improve personal relationships and enhance life satisfaction.
Specialized Treatment Modalities
Drawing upon a broad spectrum of therapeutic expertise helps to personalize and deepen the experience. 
I provide a full range of psychotherapy- Individual, Child, Couples, and Family therapy, enhanced by credentialed training in Clinical Hypnosis, Substance Abuse Treatment, Animal assisted therapy, Creative Art therapy and Mindfulness practices.